St Patrick’s Day

I don’t usually do much for St. Patrick’s Day for the kids aside from dress them in some green and take a few photos, but it felt extra important this year to try and keep things cheery. I saw this super cute (and really yummy) treat idea on @chasing_nostalia’s instagram and I had to try it out with Henry. It was so easy. I picked up a few honey dip donuts, cut them in half, split my icing into 4 equal parts and added some food colouring (you could do more colours if you wanted). Henry helped me ice them, and even Nora tried. They both really enjoyed eating them afterwards (and so did I).

I also decided to put together a small basket of goodies for the kids. Most of it I already had hanging around because I like to stash things away for the next event. I had 2 plain white t-shirts, and some iron-on vinyl, so I used my Cricut and added ‘lucky charm’ to each of them for their St. Patrick’s Day outfits. I had picked up some new sidewalk chalk, some stickers and a rainbow themed activity book a few weeks ago from Michael’s, so I added those. I included Nora’s March Little Poppy Co. bows, because they are perfect for the occasion. I had also bought a beautiful macrame rainbow from JsRainbows on Etsy a few weeks ago for Nora’s room. It seemed like the perfect thing to add. Finally I just added some St. Patrick’s Day themed paper straws I got from Dollarama. It was a perfect way to add some cheer.

In the morning, I made them green pancakes with some whipped cream on top, and added some Lucky Charm marshmallows. It was a hit. They weren’t really feeling photos in their t-shirts, so I didn’t push it this year, but they looked really cute.

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