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Each year I try to do some Valentine’s day photos of the kids, because I love a theme. I also love to make some of my own decor items for the photoshoot. Last year I made some super simple heart garland, and this year I decided to add a pom pom garland. I am so excited to get it all set up and take some photos. Hopefully the kids will be just as excited. Last year they had so much fun with it. If you are interested in how I made the pom pom garland, there’s a quick step-by-step below.

To make the pom pom garland, I used a few different kinds of yarn. Each type I picked had a different texture and thickness, and I love the variety it added.

The first step is to wrap the yarn around your fingers 35-50 times (less for thicker wool, more for thinner). You could also make a template in the size you want with cardboard, but I found it easier just to wrap it around my fingers.

Next you tie the wrapped yarn in the middle with a small piece of the same yarn.

Then just cut each end and trim it down to the size you want and as even as you want, and fluff them up.

Once I had all of the pom poms made, I put them on a thin piece of twine using a needle. You can spread them out as much as or as little as you want, and just add a knot on each end so that they won’t fall off (or be pulled off by little hands).

Now I just need to figure out where in my house I am going to set up the photos for this year. Stay tuned for updates.

For now, here’s a few of my favourite photos from last year. The heart garland I made with some pink cardstock and some fishing wire.

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  1. So adorable! The attention to detail is spot on.
    There is a little gadget at Michaels for an easier way to make pompoms for the less patient crafters. 😉

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