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This year, we decided to make some rice crispy treats for our friends at daycare as part of their valentine’s day gift. Henry helped me make them, cut them (using a cookie cutter), and ice them (and add some sprinkles of course). I love getting him involved whenever I can now that he’s old enough to be doing more. He loves it too, he asks to help with dinner all the time now. Anyone have any easy meal ideas that a 3.5 year old can help with so that we can keep his interest up? How do you get your kids involved in meal times? Hopefully his interest in helping will lead to an easier time actually getting him to eat. Here is the final rice crispy product

I also decided this year to put together a small basket of goodies for each of the kids. I kept them pretty simple for this year.

One of the things I wanted to include in Nora’s didn’t make it in time, but she got an adorable suspender skirt from @feathered_breaths (can’t wait to put her in it), a tee for her daycare v-day celebration, her @littlepoppyco bows (yes, she has a bow subscription) and a new love-themed book. Henry got some tees, a new Ugly Dolls stuffie, a few small candies and a love-themed book. They were both so excited about them. The baskets and the wooden heart garland both came from Dollarama.

Finally, here’s just a few (dozen) of my favourite pictures from this year’s valentine’s photoshoot, featuring the pom pom garland and a few of the paper hearts. I just could not narrow down the ones I liked best.

They are just my favourite people.

Their ‘loved.’ t-shirts are from Tenth & Pine and they are the softest, most comfy shirts. They have so many beautiful gender neutral tees, and if you use the link I provided (click on their name), and use the code KALER66, you get 10% off!

Let me know what you think about how the photos turned out! I am so excited thinking about looking back on these over the years and seeing how much they change and grow from each photoshoot to the next. Hopefully their bond just continues to get even stronger.

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