Disney Day

This week, the kids had a Disney day at daycare where they were to dress up as one of their favourite Disney characters. Henry decided that he would be Olaf from Frozen, and I chose Piglet for Nora because he’s one of my favourites, and super easy to make.

For Henry’s costume, I found a white toque, got a white t-shirt and some coloured felt, which I cut up for eyes, a ‘carrot’ nose, his eyebrows, teeth and buttons. I used a blue marker and a sharpie for some of the details, and added some pipe-cleaners in the top for his hair. It was really easy to put together.

For Nora’s I got a pink t-shirt, and some pink felt. I used some old wire bunny ears I had as the outline for Piglet’s ears, and just reshaped them a bit, then I added the pink felt on the outside. For the t-shirt I just added an oval on the tummy in the pink felt and added some lines with sharpie for the details. She wore some pink leggings that she already had to go with it.

Both costumes were so easy to make and fun to plan and put together. The t-shirts and felt all came from Michael’s for about $13 and I found the toque at Winners for $3. It had a design on the front of it, so I just turned it inside out to make Olaf.

Do you tend to make your kids costumes or buy them?

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